Max 2 by Lovense : Greatest male masturbators

With Max 2 by Lovense you can settle by modifying the air pump parameters and tightness, which can be done by pushing the buttons on the sleeve or letting your partner take control from any distance by means of smart phone applications. There is no other male toy that will give you contractions all over! The system of the toy is developed in these kinds of a way that it allows 360 ° coverage of the male genital organ. This is the most realistic toy I have ever utilized. The suction is exceptional. When connected, couples can sync with each other’s devices, for a two-way interactive experience. To be inclusive of all couples, two Noras can synchronized together, 2 maxes can sync each other, as well a Nora and a Max syncing together.

Lovense have been at the front page of bluetooth and app managed vibrators for over 10 years. Lovense also continues to create a portentous remote experience for nearby and long distance play through their software, Lovense remote.

Sound level makes low noise when in function and it’s one of the most quite vibrators in the industry. The pulse is not well targeting, but it’s quite strong and rumbly and truly travels below the skin.

Exceptionally strong sensations guaranteed with Max 2 by lovense
After its first adaptation, the Max masturbator from lovense was a huge success! The box didn’t stop there and is currently presenting the new improved version of its famous masturbator: the Max 2 connected masturbator!

By coupling the connected rabbit sex toy Nora or another Max or Max 2 masturbator to the app, you will be able to use it simultaneously as if you were having real sex with your partner. In addition, thanks to the body chat application, you will have the possibility of activating the “video call” function which will give you the possibility of not only feeling but also of consulting your partner and hearing him.

The handle is coated with grooves to ensure excellent grip during use.

To accentuate your experience, this masturbator incorporates a patented pump system that recreates vagina or ass spasms via airflow.

Your Max 2 Connected Masturbator is made of totally hypoallergenic materials and guaranteed phthalate-free. Rechargeable by USB (cable provided). With a full charge of less than 2 hours, you can have fun with your toy for 3.5 hours.

The Max 2 is equipped with a masturbation sleeve designed in Tpe Skin-like, which offers a sensation similar to that of the skin as well as sensations similar to anal or vaginal penetration. This sheath is transparent and has a gender-neutral orifice.

With an insertable length of 16cm and an inner (stretchy) diameter of 1.5cm, it will fit most penis sizes.

Max 2 can really be used alone like a traditional masturbator but its particularity is in its application on the phone which offers you new possibilities of satisfaction. Indeed, you will be able to interact with your companion even if it is on the other side of the world. He will therefore be able to check the pressures of the sheath as well as its vibrations.

In the same way as the 1st version, you will be able to experience authentic know-how of sex from a distance!

With Max 2, Lovense has totally improved the efficiency, the internal material characteristics of the toy as well as the overall design of the masturbator. The handle is covered with grooves to ensure a perfect grip during use.

These contractions are felt 360° around your cock to give you major and explosive sensations!

Max 2 has a powerful motor that will vibrate the sheath for even more sensations.

The Max 2 is equipped with a masturbation rod designed in Skin-like Tpe, which offers a skin-like touch and sensations similar to rectal or vaginal penetration.

The Max 2 masturbator measures 24 cm in length with an outside diameter of 9 cm.

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