Lovense Ambi Evaluation : tiny, powerful

I was fortunate to be one of the first ones to get the new “most functional bullet sex toy ever”. It’s my first bullet sex toy I came across that looks like a tiny hammer! Then there were a strong, rumbly vibrations I didn’t anticipate from a small toy! After couple time of uses, we found this vibe to be a really good addition to our chamber. Its form enables you to use it in myriad positions And is relaxed to hold.

I already have a Lovense Distant app downloaded (Ambi exploits the exact same mobile app as other Lovense products like Nora and Hush ) and I am aware of the synchronizing procedure, I can assure you won’t have any problems setting up. After a second of research, my app was capable to locate the Ambi.

Lovense Ambi hot pink sex toy
Honestly, I wasn’t hot for this one. I wasn’t keen on the tiny toys, but I have to say the shape of this one caught my eye – this is the 1st tiny vibrator I’ve seen that looks like a little hammer! As soon as I got the package, I examined the photo behind the box which explains the use. Hmm, I thought to myself: even if I don’t like small vibes, I might benefit from this one…

Ambi can give you a very nice pinpoint stimulation using the larger end of the head or you can get a big hit in vibration.

Since I already have a hush and a lush, I am already aware of the choice of connecting 2 toys at the same time. Honestly, this is the best feature Lovense has to offer. I can now benefit from hush and Ambi while having intercourse. Or, shh, Ambi and my spouse’s dialect at the same time?. The means are endless. Until then, I cherish it. It’s neither too powerful nor too soft in my humble opinion, but I mainly use it at full throttle.

Opinion on the Ambi stimulator, a compact vibrator to vibrate many erogenous zones, usable alone or as a couple.

I loved all the sensations that a mini vibe gave me. Also, we are able to use it for foreplay, during sexual acts and when my partner is also absent!

I have already downloaded the lovense remote app and I know the synchronization process, but despite that you are a newbie, I can guarantee that you will not have any problem setting it up. With the app I had to do 2 things: launch the bluetooth and access the + in the toys division. After 1 second of searching, my app was able to detect the toy. I click on finished and the process is finished. Another great thing is that the pairing process only needs to be done once, and when I open my app after that, I can already see Ambi in the “my toys” list.

As I observed from the booklet, the app gives the ability to program all three vibration steps and ten personally created patterns. Thus, if you only wish to benefit from Ambi when using the button on the toy, you can finally fully pre-program the different vibrations depending on your vagina if necessary!

It’s neither overpowering nor overly pleasing in my opinion, but I basically use it at full max.

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