Domi 2 The magic wand every woman in a long distance relation wants

The Domi 2 by Lovense is a teledildonic mini-wand vibrator with what Lovense calls dual-rotating head technology. It’s handled by a cell phone app, with a massive range of vibration levels and programmable setting s. This implies that regardless how far apart you and your companion are, you can still enjoy those personal moments and have a fantastic instant! If the video clips on their website of it buzzing and splashing in a water bowl are any indication, this sex toy packs quite a punch. It comes with a reinforced neck and a fittings for both men and women. Your friend can control vibration intensity, pattern through the mobile app. You can even sync your pulses to tunes or exploit the app for hands free solo play.

The battery last s approximately 3 times longer, and Lovense has updated the lightings and light colour selection s. On the app, you’ll have the option to change the color of the light on the rim. We have 7 various color options! Domi 2 is part of our programmable line, allowing you to preset 3 regular vibration stages and upto 10 patterns. Domi 2 is a really fascinating launch from Lovense!

It has several advancements, starting with a revised style that makes the toy more comfortable to keep in hand. And, as invariably, the Lovense staffs made sure to upgrade the antenna further use a new generation Bluetooth chip that substantially enhances connectivity. Close Scope Control – Tap and slide control interface is impeccable for solo enjoyment or foreplay with a companion! Customize Your Pulses

Lovense domi 2 small wand extraordinarily powerful wireless and controlled by bluetooth
v1 was released in 2017 and got a lot of rave reviews from the start on amazon it had a slick and sturdy design, it was lightweight, wireless and most importantly super powerful. That’s all you could want from a mini baguette. The domi offered everything and more – it was a programmable toy that was customized for a wide range of vibrational levels. The domi 2 is an attractive version in my eyes.

Its powerful and mute motor offers you 3 amplitudes of pleasure and ten vibration patterns, always in small format.

Although still smaller than other wands, the domi 2 has an improved style that ensures a more comfortable grip as well as an exemplary user experience. It also has an upgraded transmitter and a new generation bluetooth chip that greatly improves the connection. A reinforced seal for you to apply the pressure you want safely. Full force level manipulation. Whether you wanted small or strong vibrations, you would always get your pleasure.

Long Distance Control – The Lovense app enables a friend to get control from any distance.
Unrestricted Designs – Create, get from the server and share vibration patterns.
Tunes Based Pulses – Sync to your favorite music.
Sounds Activated – The Lovense app will use your smartphone’s microphone and vibrate based on the sound around you.
Lovense App compatible with :
Iphone/ipad Air/ipad Mini/ipod Touch ios 9.0 and afterwards
Android 4.3 and later on Windows Pc

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